Friday, April 23, 2010

Where I'm From


I'm from the smell of chlorine
and the heat of sun-baked cement by the pool.

I'm from cherry tomatoes eaten warm off the plant
and zinnias, marigolds, and petunias.

I'm from goatheads and hailstones,
blizzards and dust storms.

I'm from "Punkin' " and "Sugar Plum"
and "You are my special angel."

I'm from Lawrence Welk and Glenn Miller,
Ed Sullivan and Johnny Cash.

I'm from Lubbers Lounge Lu Lu,
Thanksgiving ham, and broiled spareribs.

I'm from wide horizons
and big skies,
I'm from a small town
and narrow opportunities.
I've traveled far.
I've kept it all inside my heart.

Mary Lee Hahn, copyright 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



It's about the needle
and it's about the tourniquet.
It's about the alcohol
and it's about the tap-tap-tap on the vein.

It's the difference between
drawing blood as a PART of your job
and drawing blood
AS your job.


©Mary Lee Hahn, 2010