Poetry Month 2021


I started keeping my #haikudiary on the anniversary of the day in 2020 when we learned that the world was in the midst of a pandemic: March 11. Two days later, March 13, 2020, I saw those students in person for the last time. 

I have been a Remote Learning Academy teacher all of this year and have never had all of my students in the same room at the same time...except through my computer screen. Being an RLA teacher is an intense and overwhelming (at times) amount of work, but that is balanced by the joy my students bring me. I mention the work by way of explaining why I will only be writing a haiku a day this year. That's all I can manage. Most of my haiku will use the traditional 5-7-5 syllable count and will focus on the natural world. Others might more rightly be called senryu because they will focus on human nature.

April 1 Forecast

April 2 Dawn

April 3 Winter

April 4 Seeds

April 5 Trillium

April 7 Together

April 8 Moon

April 9 Chorus
April 10 Housekeeping

April 11 Mourning

April 12 Worn

April 13 Choices

April 14 And So?

April 15 Now

April 16 Home

April 17 Seasons

April 18 Shade

April 19 Enough

April 20 Celebrate

April 21 Conviction

April 22 Unseasonable

April 23 Gold

April 24 Ouch

April 25 Change

April 26 Urbane

April 27 Pesto

April 28 Nest

April 29 Action

April 30 Rut

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