Poetry Month 2018

This year's class -- The Hahn Squad -- loves to find patterns.
They have found patterns in the date
(one of our favorites all year, a Squad Member's birthday, was 3/6/18...3x6=18),
in recurring themes in our read alouds (the desire for invisibility),
and in the lucky coincidence that there are 30 days in April and 30 students in our class.

When the 30 Days, 30 Students, 30 Poems challenge was laid at my feet by an eager and earnest Squad Member, what could I do? I had to accept.

For their part, I asked each of the 30 Squad Members to chose a quote they love. I originally intended to write a personalized Golden Shovel Poem for each student using their quote as the striking line. Although some may turn out to be specific to the student who chose the quote, most will pay tribute to some part of the 2017-2018 5th Grade Hahn Squad experience.

April 1 --  Keep Your Promises (Dominic's quote)
April 2 --  Astronomical Passions (Monta's quote)
April 3 --  Legos (Brennan's quote)
April 4 --  Walt Didn't Say This, But He Would Approve (Lexie's quote)
April 5 --  100% Authentically ME! (Harmony's quote))
April 6 --  My Favorite Subject is Science (Zekeriya's quote)
April 7 --  Springtime (Maisa's quote)
April 8 --  Indomitable (Omama's quote)
April 9 --  Teamwork (Anthony's quote)
April 10 -- Luminosity (Jawaher's quote)
April 11 -- Confidence (Jena's quote)
April 12 -- Tenacity (Joey's quote)
April 13 -- That Feeling You Get When You Solve a Hard Math Problem (Wagdy's quote)
April 14 -- Endeavor (Juan's quote)
April 15 -- Growth Mindset (Khulud's quote)
April 16 -- Cookies (Taylor's quote)
April 17 -- Keen Observer (Rayan's quote)
April 18 -- Persevere (Ayah's quote)
April 19 -- Positivity (Francisco's quote)
April 20 -- Reciprocal (Layann's quote)
April 21 -- Advice to Writers (Vrndavan's quote)
April 22 -- Persona (Owen's quote)
April 23 -- Easier Said Than Done (Landen's quote)
April 24 -- Collaboration (Tatyana's quote)
April 25 -- Go Ahead and Give It Your All (Bahasht's quote)
April 26 -- Endless Winter (Faith's quote)
April 27 -- Poetry Friday (Miranda's quote)
April 28 -- Winter Memory (Eli's quote)
April 29 -- Word Game Wednesday (Ayaka's quote)
April 30 -- High Flight (Alex's quote)

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  1. If I could be re-incarnated, I would come back as one of your students.