Monday, April 16, 2018


We measure minds by their stature. It would be better to estimate them by their beauty.  ~Joseph Joubert 


Remember the time we
decorated cookies? There was no unit of measure
for our joy that day. Who minds
learning by
mixing icing and food coloring to make their
cookie’s stature
more massive (and of course, more beautiful)? It
was about way more than just the cookies, though. Who would
believe that such a diverse group could be
unified at Christmas? No better
way than to
share a 34-year cookie decorating tradition. Don’t under-estimate
the power of cookies to overcome differences. Let them
heal the world by
their sweetness and by their

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2018


  1. It's true that we gather round food to heal our wounds, to find our common ground. In my school it's cupcakes that help us bond. I love you inspiration quote for today.

  2. Ha ha -- this one makes me laugh. I can SEE the cookies, laden with frosting and sprinkles...

  3. Frosting is DESIGNED to make cookies more massive in stature. Naturally.