Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day!


Across the planet
all the way down under,
children there
are enjoying summer.

They frolic in sand
with happy bare feet,
while I trudge through snow
so cold that it squeaks.

Their sky is blue.
My sky is grey.
But we've both got no school --
let's go out and play!

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015


  1. I love thinking about how people's lives are so different right this very moment because of geography. Love that squeaky snow. My deck thermometer is at 0 right now.

  2. Mary Lee,
    I love this glance into two planets. While I'd love to have my feet in sand right now, I'm okay with my feet in snow too (for now --- a different story in the very near future as I tire of the cold).

    I'm also feeling a bit like a loser friend right now. How did I not know you had returned to write in this space? I know now! I'll be back. I will enjoy poetry on your blog until you write your first poetry book. Coming soon, I hope.


    1. Now I'm wondering why your updates aren't showing up in my Merely Day by Day sidebar. It's likely a link problem --- fixing it now.


  3. Love this, Mary Lee! This is terrible to say after a 12 day vacation, but I would love a snow day this week! Unfortunately, despite the cold, there isn't much snow in the forecast.

  4. In South Louisiana, our feet are in mud. I'm not sure how to put that into a poem. I like how you compare the two worlds.

  5. These kind of comparisons always blow me away! So weird to think about people's feet on sandy beaches- this morning we are skating on black ice!