Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Acceptance


My trio of tubes
were machined
to make music.

I hang inside
dreaming of breezes
gathering dust.

In my bones,
I hum.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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  1. In my bones...what a superb line, Mary Lee. Hollow, strong, light these tubes, and that line. Also, the acceptance of the way things are for the moment. When one is a clapper, one wants to clap...

    I waited by the river of words, rod poised, hook baited, but only some small fry bit. (Probably tied the wrong fly; I'll have to accept my mistake.) Probably I should throw this back, but the hungry maw of Po-emotion is waiting, so, I filleted it anyway and placed it on the platter.

    Not a Life

    He spends his whole life
    upside down,
    walking on his hands,
    rolling poop back
    to his house. Ewwww!
    The children say. They say.
    That’s disgusting! But
    what else is there
    for the dung beetle?
    It may not be a life,
    but it’s a living.

  2. Steve, I love the humor in your poem. The poor dung beetle doesn't have just a living if he can make us laugh!

  3. I adore this one, ML. What a gracious set of wind chimes...so wise. And bones - yes. I want this wind chime to be my friend. xo