Saturday, April 25, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Cheerfulness


flash of gold 
not smelted 
newly molted

lilting flight
burbling song


©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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  1. Very, very cheerful! I so love the brilliant finches. Ours are turning now from their winter drab-ish to the summer brilliance. They visit the feeder under the oak and are so delightful.

    And "coruscating?" I had to look that one up, but perfect, perfect!

    Mine is a bird poem, too, but I couldn't get cheerful, but rather "contentment" or some variation on that theme. (BTW, I'm finding that my emotional range is more limited than the list. Is that a problem? A guy thing? :)

    It doesn't really have a title....

    White-throated sparrows hunker
    under the darkened plums, whispering
    softly to no one in particular and
    for no reason but to fill this space with
    a sad, low-down blues-y song.
    So I stand under the scuttling clouds
    and eavesdrop. And at that moment
    I know time is a cup;
    sometimes empty and dry,
    but sometimes so completely full
    it cannot possibly hold another drop.

    1. "time is a cup" -- that's a line to hold and savor.

      And about your emotional range -- these last five words (cheerfulness, zest, contentment, optimism, pride, and relief) are all secondary emotions of the primary emotion JOY. (so sayeth Shaver, et al 2001) Just like we all don't see every shade of every color, I don't think we all feel every shade of every emotion. It has been interesting to look inside (and outside) and see what could be found that even comes close to some of these emotions, hasn't it?

  2. Your description is perfect for goldfinch