Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Desire


tulip petal
monarch wing
forsythia's shock
first leaves in spring

prairie sky
shadows on snow
thunderhead's tower
dogwood, crow

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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  1. Warm and cool. Dark and light. Me, too, Mary Lee! The rhyme moved this so nicely along. And I loved the way you ended with crow. Love the corvids, but also the darkness. Thank you!

    1. I wasn't thinking warm/cool, dark/light...but I love that you found them because now I can see them, too! (I was going for ROYGBIV, plus white and black!)

    2. Interesting! I missed the ROYGBIV, but caught a "light" stanza and a darker one. I saw green in the above stanza, but with lots of yellow in their first leaf greeniness.

  2. Here's mine for desire. A tanka (again, not strict except for the hinge idea.)

    under the half-moon,
    a frog’s yearning song raises
    dark silver ripples --
    when dawn taps the window,
    a breath still on my shoulder

    1. I've been thinking about that frog all day. And the breath...

    2. 'when dawn taps the window" ...wow.

  3. And one more.

    I've been playing around with Jane Hirschfield's "assay" idea: "the term, she says, is used as it is "in the mining industry, where a substance is disassembled and analysed to determine the strengths and quality of its various parts; only in this case the examination is done with the imaginative mind rather than the chemical one." - See more at: http://www.poetryarchive.org/poet/jane-hirshfield#sthash.dikN9h2V.dpuf

    And in my case, I'm trying to layer some images that explore an idea. Thought I'd share the one I wrote for desire. Still trying to figure out ways to better tie the images together...or not!

    Desire: An Assay

    Where I gazed the distant land
    emerged as through a
    spyglass from the crow’s nest.

    As the frog sang
    inside the fervent darkness,
    he heard
    the night sky open a hole
    for the pale half-moon.

    Spider waits on her web, a master poised to play her harp.

    If you were here, I might be whole, he said.
    If you were whole, I might be there, she replied.

    And into the night they drove,
    arriving together
    from opposite directions.

    1. First of all...wow. Love this!

      Since you're still working on it, I'll say that the first stanza is the only one that (for me) doesn't fit as well as the others. The others share night, nature, and these two people (are they they same one driving together a few poems ago?).

    2. Thanks for the thinking, Mary Lee. It is great to hear what your ears heard.

      I'm not sure what to do with this kind of poem. It's sort of a meditation on desire in lots of different forms. I was searching for an image for the longed-for-land early in the poem, and found an arrival at the end. And in the middle? Various minerals (to keep the assay metaphor) that comprise "desire" -- the desire for attachment, the merging of souls (and the way that merging can be not so good for the self, too?), the opening of hoped-for possibilities, that sort of stuff.

      I think that your thoughts about mediation from the previous day helped bring this one forth.