Sunday, April 5, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Disgust

Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Quinn Dombrowski


Along with a dust bunny from in back of the shelf
the innocent cat rolled you out.
In the dark, shoeless Dad stepped upon you
and let out a startled shout.

Your elliptical shell crunched and shattered,
a noxious stench rose and oozed,
the cat wisely galloped away
as the stink cloud spread and grew.

We opened all of the windows,
shooed the stink cloud out of the door.
Next Easter there will be no hunt.
To quote Dad: "Nevermore. Nevermore."

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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  1. NIce!! I can smell it now. Loved the form of the poem, too, the rhyme structure.

    Here's not nearly as sophisticated a poem. Tried several that were even more disgusting (some tragic!), but settled on this one. Inspiration? Shall we say...the idea "emerged" while watching the Wisconsin Badgers defeat Kentucky on the bed with the dogs. We'd been working in the woods all day together. Ugh.

    A Limerick.

    There once was a dog from Decorah
    Whose nose led him to fauna, not flora
    From the snowbanks did melt
    Dead deer guts that he smelt
    So, bad farts he had a plethora.

    1. Steve-
      This made me laugh. I was watching the game last night with my lab, who had similar issues. P-U!

    2. I'm laughing, too, Steve! I can even picture the shoulder-roll that happened off-camera!