Sunday, April 19, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Interest


At the bank
it's what you get
without trying.
You just have to be there.

At the (river)bank
it's what you get
without trying.
You just have to be there.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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  1. Open-mindedly, for sure! Love the punning on bank as a way to explore the difference in the meaning of the word, "interest!" What a fun way to play!!

  2. Here's mine for today. Sort of a mediation on interest and how when you scratch beneath the surface there's all sorts of things you'd never imagine down there.

    Below the Surface

    Blue whales are large, for sure,
    but not the largest of living things,
    though ask anyone and that’s the
    first opinion offered; unless, the
    giant sequoia, sometimes, if we
    make it past our blindness toward
    plants as living things. But even that
    behemoth, towering 350 feet in the air
    and wide enough to drive a car through
    the very center, is dwarfed by
    the mass of a simple fungus*
    in Oregon, nearly two and a half
    miles across and almost entirely
    underground, except for all these
    inconspicuous mushrooms that carpet
    the ground when for whatever reasons
    it decides the time is ripe to make
    an appearance.

    Who has not wondered, on a warm spring
    night while looking at the stars,
    whether things are more connected
    than they appear, whether what we see is
    not what we get, but something
    much larger and more beautiful
    than we can imagine?

    * Here’s a story about that fungus, if you are interested.

    1. Yes, indeed. Especially the last stanza. And this: "if we
      make it past our blindness toward
      plants as living things."

      The article is fascinating. What I want to know is, who is the mother of this organism?

    2. ...and if we have a blindness about plants, how much blinder are we to fungus?!?!?

  3. Today's the perfect day to withdraw some riverbank savings--bright and sunny!

    I'll need to spend some time later with that fungus story!

  4. I love your juxtaposition of the two kinds of interest, Mary Lee. And the "Below The Surface" is a question we ask often in class. My students often talk about the possibilities of exploration in the stars as they grow up. My poem today is more pragmatic, life lesson perhaps?

    interest - not

    eyes glazed
    becoming dazed
    working through
    my taxes

    nothing seems clear
    of all that I hear
    of IRS rules
    for taxes

    thought twas a joke
    then I awoke
    to hear my debt
    to taxes

    next time I’ll make
    my interest take
    increasing love
    in taxes
    Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved

  5. Mary, love, love, love. It's rained here all week (not complaining) but would love to walk along the bank (river) if I had some sunshine or the bank (monetarily) if I had any money. *wink* Thanks for coming by my blog.