Friday, April 3, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Surprise


All you can see
is the agile,
I have become:
emperor of
the pond's airspace.

Imagine this:
in my nymph-hood,
I ruled below,
pond's murky depths,
spent years hunting
insects, tadpoles,
even small fish.
Extending my
overgrown lip:
flashing, snatching,
holding, munching.

Molting revealed
larger wing buds
each time, but no
hints of future

Until one day,
in early dark,
I climbed a reed,
stopped with my head
above water,
learned to breathe air.
That accomplished,
I morphed from a
water creature
to the wonder
you see today.

Never, ever
a lowly start.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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  1. Wow. What a video. I knew they were fierce, but not THAT fierce.

    I love so much about this poem -- the idea of humble beginnings, the unseen labor in the down-below, the beauty of the transformation, the new life a transformation brings. And such wonderful words to show this, the specific words, the details...

    Love it. Thanks!

    Best to you,

    Here's a small moment of surprise, too.


    Only a flash of crimson
    against a sullen sky --
    impossible fire,
    fleeting comet -- alights
    on a bare branch dripping
    in the orchard. He leans, tilts,
    and lets loose a song so clear,
    so filled with yearning,
    the seas of darkness part.
    The promised land

    1. Your words have pulled me into this moment.

      Just curious about your process -- which came first, the title or the images?

    2. The real surprise lurking behind this poem, what that of a girl raised in the semi-arid flatlands who had NO IDEA that there were insects who started their lives in the water. It was these aquatic insects that got me started fly fishing!

    3. The title came last. It seems that my brain likes a good image and I try to fit words to it. Then I sit back and see where it takes me. This image took me to a rend in the gray fabric of the day, which reminded me of some long-lost Bible story about a rend in the temple fabric, which brought me to Moses and the promised land. Go figure...

    4. That's what I suspected. I couldn't imagine setting out to write that poem, but I COULD imagine your delight and surprise as the words led you there!

  2. Here's another dragonfly larva hunting video, if you're so inclined:

    1. Holy Ambush, Batman! That was a cool video. I'm going to have to show the kids these. We have a little creek behind the school. I've netted dragonfly larvae in it. Wouldn't that be fun??!!

      I'm also amazed at how quickly the backswimmer react. A hockey goalie ain't got nothing on them!

    2. And how did you become such a connoisseur of dragonfly nymph-stage videos? This seems like very niche-type knowledge. :)

    3. I've actually subscribed to this guy's YouTube channel. I could get lost there in the wonder and carnage of up-close nature!

  3. Hi, Mary Lee--

    I'm surprised to find that it's already Sunday, and my developing round-up of the Forward...MarCH CHallenge includes a surprise poem, here. Your dragonfly autobiography is stunning, in several different ways!