Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Growth Mindset

why would you assume
your first from-scratch pie crust would
turn out perfectly

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015


  1. Lots of laughs with this one as I get ready to bake my pies for the holidays. Piecrusts made by my Mom's loving hands were delicious-mine so-so. Thanks for the look at the old ephemera ads, Mary Lee.

  2. I'm really surprised, baker that you are, that you have not ever made pie crust. (I haven't either, but I'm NOT a cook or baker). The best baker I know is JoAnn Portalupi. I loved watching her bake pie crusts.

  3. OK, here are mine for the day- a haiku and a tanka.
    BACKSTORY: I spent most of yesterday at three different branches of the DPL, finishing my CYBILS reading. I was struck by how many functions they serve-- childcare for people who don't have resources to pay for someone to watch their kids when they are out of school, and a refuge for the homeless population of Denver. I couldn't stop thinking about it last night or this morning.

    "Denver Public Library- We Serve All Kinds"
    Oasis for intellectual
    babysitter for poor
    Shelter for homeless
    (c) Carol Wilcox, 2015

    "Denver Public Library"
    Yes, we offer books,
    videos, computers, classes
    But we have a higher calling
    to poor we are childcare
    homeless find warmth shelter safety OR MAYBE homeless find refuge here
    (c) Carol Wilcox, 2015

  4. The kids are gone now and the lights are off. Gregorian chants play on the speakers in my classroom.

    rime on a pebble --
    the exhaled breath
    of hidden mice

    Some of the backstory...
    NE Iowa had a little snow recently, which revealed, through the tracks, all the small things that crawl and creep and go unnoticed when their movements are not recorded in the snow. On the late afternoon walk, a deer mouse trail led me to a small hole in the ground. Bending down, I saw the delicate play of frost on the stones outside what must have been the entrance to their underground home.

    1. I love this so so so so much. I love seeing you walking, bending down, noticing rime on a pebble.

  5. Thinking about Carol's set of poems and how important a place the library is while Steve's provides the results of a reflective walk. I am in awe of what all three of you have accomplished this month.