Wednesday, April 6, 2016



Dear Henry,
I found this picture of Mother
in Great Uncle's attic.

Wishing I could send you
that dead coyote.
Bet it would be worth more than

all those skunks you trapped
last summer
when you hatched that plan

to get rich quick.
Let me tell you,
rich ain't always grand.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016


  1. That really is a striking photo. I was wondering what you were going to do with it. Now I know! Er...or sort of...

    You've been so good at keeping the story going and providing just enough of a clue to wonder how these are going to interrelate, but also enough so that each poem works by itself, too.

    What an interesting voice in this poem, in some ways almost taunting
    "Bet it would be worth more than
    all those skunks you trapped"

    but also philosophical (almost resigned...?)
    "Let me tell you,
    rich ain't always grand."

    Wow. This is fun.

    1. AJ and I were talking about the age of this photo compared to the first ones in the set, and then the age of the car in the next one. I had to find a way to go back a couple of generations.

      But now that I've got Iva in Denver, I think next week's poems will be her missing life on the farm. Maybe I can fill in some of the gaps from this week...or maybe that's another project for another time!!

    2. Yes, you can always fill in later... keep doing what you're doing! Wonderful to see the connections your mind is making... creating whole lives here. Keep going! xo
      p.s. that dead coyote!!!

  2. "rich ain't always grand"
    Yeah, that's for sure.
    These people are talking to you. I swear.

  3. All those skunks you trapped last summer??? Holy cow! There has to be more to that story!


    Every year
    Pa takes a picture
    on my birthday
    I always wanted a pet
    and the last three years
    I've picked up
    our gray tiger Caesar
    he's mostly a barn cat
    but on my birthday
    I pretend I'm all kinds of fine
    and sit in the front room
    holding him in my lap
    usually I have to snitch
    a little piece of chicken
    and hide it in my pocket
    to make him stay
    and in the pictures
    his nose is always slightly upturned
    because he is searching
    for that chicken

    This year
    we don't have Caesar
    We found some gray tiger fur
    stained red
    out in the cornfield
    and Pa said
    the coyotes musta got
    our gray tiger
    mostly barn
    but pretend pet Caesar
    Not sure why
    Pa thought
    it would be good
    to take a picture of me
    with this coyote he shot
    behind the chicken house
    a couple of months ago.
    That coyote's not nearly as fine
    as poor Caesar.

    (C) Carol Wilcox, 2016

    1. I agree with Mary Lee. Didn't see it coming! Loved it. And loved line like these: "gray tiger/mostly bar/but pretend pet Caesar"! Cool.

    2. Heartbreak. This happens out where we live...not to us yet...but to neighbor cats. Tough livin' in the country...

  4. I did NOT see that coming!! Yikes. (Which is to say...well done!!)

  5. Carol, your poem, so sad. Love the concept of a pretend pet.