Saturday, April 16, 2016



This one takes me right back
to the day of my mama's funeral --
Lewis playing "Amazing Grace,"

sitting there in a kitchen chair
at the edge of her beloved garden.
The one place

in all this endless brown dryness
where there was color and life.
That's what her garden was -- an amazing grace.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016


  1. One of my all time favorite, favorite songs. And I think you have captured perfectly the "graces" we are given on a daily basis! I love this one!

  2. We are supposed to have a blizzard in Colorado today, so the class I was supposed to teach got cancelled and I got to write this morning instead of waiting until later.

    ma says there'll be no baseball
    or fishin in the creek
    'til after i play my violin
    she tells me to take a bath
    scrub my fingernails extra good
    get all that dirt from around the corners
    everyone's comin' over
    an' she wants me to perform

    and then she dresses me up
    in tight collared shirt
    and stiff Sunday shoes
    sits me on this hard kitchen chair
    hot August sun beatin' down
    on the back of my neck

    and i scrape away
    while the worms I collected last night
    listen from their seats
    in the can on the back porch

    (C) Carol Wilcox, 2016

  3. Oh Mary Lee and Carol - how do you DO this? This photo is absolutely alive - and I love reading both and blending them in my head somehow too. My favorite song too - already requested for my funeral. xo