Friday, April 14, 2017

I Don't Mind Failing

Language alert: if watching the video with children, be prepared to hit the mute button at :33-:38 and 4:15-4:20. Also, apologies (and gratitude) to William Carlos Williams.

This is Just to Say

I have failed
the test
that measures
my worth

and which
you were probably
planning to use
to pigeonhole me

Forgive me
I refuse your labels
I am deliciously
worthy and capable

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2017


  1. What a great time to share this, Mary Lee. Thank you for introducing me to Malvina--When this becomes a book, it needs her music to accompany it. Put my name on your list for people who want an autographed copy. Maybe you should contact someone affiliated with Malvina's estate?

  2. I can totally see a book forthcoming. I want a copy. This gives me pause. Thank you for highlighting this great woman this month.