Friday, May 26, 2017

Peony Poem

Peony Poem

an idea
sudden, surprising
like red peony shoots
the first color in a spring garden

a draft
leafy, bushy
too much green, but with buds
sweet enough to attract ants

a poem
lopsided, fragrant
overly showy, flamboyant, glorious
cut for a vase or for a grave

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2017


  1. Well done! I can't even pick a favorite stanza.

  2. Love the line --
    "sweet enough to attract ants", which is so true about a draft (and peonies!)
    and the last stanza...
    "lopsided, fragrant"
    "cut for a vase or for a grave"...not sure why... but there's something about the messiness of the bouquet and that fits so nicely with how long the bouquet lasts that interests me! Maybe, too, it's because as a Midwesterner, I grew up with peonies and think of them as plants of my mother and grandmother, and know that lives (and flowers) can be messy and temporary.