Friday, September 29, 2017

Ode to Bluegills

Ode to Bluegills

Though you are small,
you are mighty,
fighting like a fish ten times your size.

You make us cheer
and call for the photographer.
And you make us cringe

when we remove the hook.
Why must you swallow the fly
so far down it takes magic to extract it?

Never mind.
All turns out well for you in the end,
and you swim away gladly.

We thank you for your spiky dorsal fin,
the distinctive black beauty spot near your gill,
your iridescent scales.

We thank you for the tug on our line,
reminding us that we are connected --
the two of us; all of us.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2017

1 comment:

  1. What a fun ode, Mary Lee! As a way to get to know each other earlier in the year, 5P wrote some over-the-top odes in class and had a terrific time doing it. Like yours (which isn't in the same genre!!) they lingered on the looks and accentuated the actions.

    Favorite snippets are these:
    "black beauty spot"
    "iridescent scales"
    They made me smile because I could see that they came from a close knowledge of that little fish.

    I also liked the last stanza because it showed me a new way of thinking about connections.
    Thank you!!