Friday, August 2, 2019

You Just Don't Get It

Unsplash photo by Torsten Dederichs

You Just Don't Get It

Befuddled and muddled
your noggin's confused

puzzled and troubled
you're coming unglued

mixed up and perplexed
you've been aggravated

your head is unscrewed, you're

©Mary Lee Hahn

This poem is a Definito, "a free verse poem of 8-12 lines (aimed at readers 8-12 years old) that highlights wordplay as it demonstrates the meaning of a less common word, which always ends the poem." (Hmm...I seem to have missed the bit about "free verse." Oh, well. We'll write off my rhymes as meeting the "wordplay" requirement. What good is a rule if it's not bent now and then?) I chose "addlepated" because it was the word of the day for July 29 on my Merriam Webster dictionary app. And it's fun to say, even if it's NOT fun to feel that way!


  1. Love it! Rhymes are a good way to play with words. This is a new word for me that I will be saying often just for the sound of it. Where are my keys? addlepated
    What am I craving for dinner? addlepated
    How did the dog get out? addlepated

  2. This form could be fun for kids (and me) to try! Thanks!

    Cool word, too. Addle + pate (two fine old fashioned, ME words.)