Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Haiku Diary for April 15

Haiku Diary for April 15

I wake up whiney
the sameness of every day
I'm on my last nerve

exercise, shower
a mug of hot tea, breakfast
sun peeks through the trees

my heart pumps, blood flows
lungs reliably inflate
some sameness is good

going to work means
down the hall into office

Google Meet is fine
but like all the rest of life
you have to show up

food delivery
a small thing for us to do
makes a big difference

lunchtime luxury
listen to a podcast
nurture my spirit

hours and hours of screens
my brain is totally fried
the cure is ice cream

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2020

Keeping a haiku diary is one of the challenges from Jarrett Lerner.


  1. What a great prompt! I'm stealing the line "the sameness of every day." So far I have one stanza:
    Skipped the shower
    Never bothered with make-up
    Who will even care?

    I'm glad you are finding ways to make a difference and to keep calm. Not to mention Ice cream!

  2. I just read loads and loads of your poems, and loved them all. I can relate to every one of these. Yours from isolation in another place, Ruth