Tuesday, April 5, 2022




The dandelions are waking up
They’re stirring in their sleep
They stretch their spiky arms up high
And dream of green and gold and sky.

The dandelions are waking up
They’re waiting for more sun
So they can bloom and spread and seed
Not knowing some think they’re a weed.

The dandelions are waking up
A hopeful little flower
Reminding me that like the grass
Our work done best, is done en masse.

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

The theme of collaboration is powerful vein that runs through most every chapter of ALL WE CAN SAVE. From the introduction:
"...building community is a requisite foundation for building a better world."
Dandelions annoy many, but they delight me and give me hope. They are a definite sign of spring, and they are persistent and resilient and prolific. They spread joy en masse. Just think what we could do to repair the climate if we used dandelions as our role models!

Oh, and just coincidentally, today is National Dandelion Day!


  1. LOL, who knew they had a DAY!?
    I've gotten away from having a love of lawns anyway, so I'm all for welcoming our new dandelion overlords...

    What a powerful final line.

  2. I love this, wishing it were true here, but I bet they're on their way, certainly "waking up". The bees will be happy!