Thursday, April 14, 2022

Dear Generation C



Covid, Carbon, and Climate will define you.
Cohorts, Connections, and Community will unite you.
Collaboration, Cooperation, and Citizenship will move you.
Capitalism, Consumerism, and Colonialism will be Constrained by you.
Compassion will guide you.

Your Challenges are Colossal.

We Cede to you a world in Chaos,
but seeded with Cautious optimism
and the saplings of a Conservation Culture.
It’s not much,
but we’ll Continue to Cultivate all the Changes we Can.

We’re Cheering for you! Be Courageous!

The Baby Boomers, Gens X, Y, and Z, and the Millennials

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

Today's poem was inspired by ALL WE CAN SAVE and also by Seth Godin's newsletter "Seth's Blog." In it, he wonders,
"So what to call the next generation?

My co-authors Bruce Clark and Paige NeJame have coined the term “Generation C.” It’s so well-suited, I believe it’s going to stick.

C is for Covid, C is for Carbon, C is for Climate."

I agree. I think it will stick. Generation C it is. Now let's work to make the changes necessary to keep the global average temperature rise below 1.5° and let's arm Gen C with all the skills and attitudes they will need to carry through to the next generation.  


  1. I love this! These poems really, really, really need to be a book!

  2. This reminds me of Jane Hirschfield's "Corals, Coho, Coelenterates" - so fun to read of ceding/seeding and saplings.