Saturday, April 2, 2022

Science Is



Science gives us data
Science provides the proof
Information is the house
Science is the roof.

Science looks at details
Science depends on facts
Experiments are signposts
Science is the path.

Science is objective
Science can’t be swayed
Observations are keen eyes
Science is the gaze.

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

The thing that gives me the most hope right now is science. I started following @thegarbagequeen on TikTok and am buoyed up by her #goodclimatenews in the midst of all the work that is still needs to be done. Knowing that we are making progress helps: improved air quality in Beijing, sustainable tires, forest restoration in Indonesia, composting laws in California, and ten nations in the western Indian Ocean working together to create a "great blue wall" in order to conserve our oceans. 


  1. Whoop! THIS is everything. Will be sharing this with my science methods class on Monday.

  2. Mary Lee, you've done a great job packing so much truth into twelve lines. "Science is the path!"

  3. Oh, I prefer this format to mine and I'm going back to change: poem first, commentary (if time) second. "Information is the house/Science is the roof." Brilliant.

  4. Wishing won't make it so, yet still I do wish everyone would 'believe', Mary Lee. There is a hopeful NY Times article today about one baby step on climate that is good!

    1. I have a doc filled with links to positives. That one went on the list this morning!

  5. A poem that rhymes and holds big truth besides! And contains powerful metaphors! Wow, wow, wow! I don't know The Garbage Queen (an am actually not sure how to follow anyone on Tiktok) but your poem makes me want to try to figure it out.

    1. I started a TikTok account just to follow her and a couple others. That will be the extend of my TikTok-ery!!

  6. I could imagine this one in a textbook - just explaining the relationships between science and climate science for those not in the know.

    I started following a site called Reasons to be Cheerful, and it has great climate information, too. Honestly, I'm grateful to the people who collect this stuff for the rest of us floundering.

  7. Science is the roof, the path, the gaze. Your truth and structure here support each other beautifully. Here's to science, here's to truth! xo