Saturday, April 30, 2022

To Be Human Is To Bear Witness


To Be Human Is To Bear Witness

Spiral milkweed pushes up green shoots
And dirt is blowing
And turbines are spinning

Oak flowers dream of acorns
And glaciers are melting
And panels are absorbing

Dandelions spread rampant joy
And wildfires are raging
And coal plants are shuttering

Hummingbirds return all abuzz
And extinctions are accelerating
And bald eagles are rebounding

This world within a world within the world
And all the excruciating truths
And every glimmer of hope

To be human is to bear witness.

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2022


  1. Celebrating the good while working to alleviate the bad! The last coal plant in Colorado is on its way out! Happy May, Mary Lee

  2. The good and the bad, a world in the world. This form and the interweaving work well. Congrats on completing an amazing collection of poems this month.