Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Wonderful World: Stonehenge

Details of my Poetry Month Project can be found here.


We stand.
Sun warms us,
wind pushes us,
people stare at us.

We wait.
Moon comforts us,
rain gouges us,
people stare at us.

We know.
Tools made us,
ancients moved us,
people stare at us.

We endure.
History created us,
future sustains us,
people admire us.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2014

S t o n e h e n g e
feels              hard,
can                lift,
sounds          silent
very              strong
reaches         high
to the            sky
feels             rough.

©JB, 2014

We did another two-column brainstorm for today's poems. This time we thought about what moods the picture evoked, and what sensory images we might include in our poem.

There's so much we don't know about Stonehenge. I tried to capture the solid silence of the stones, and the wonder and amazement that we continue to feel in the presence of this mighty ring of standing stones.

EDITED AFTER SHARING WITH MY CLASS: The last line of my poem used to read "people stare at us." AH suggested that perhaps since the poem shifts in that stanza to bigger themes, the last line could be "people admire us." I totally agreed and have made that change! Thanks, AH! (This is what I love about being a part of a community of my classroom!)

Carol and Kevin both wrote poems yesterday for The Great Pyramid of Giza. Check them out at Carol's Corner and Kevin's Meandering Mind.

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