Sunday, April 12, 2015

PO-EMotion -- Aversion

Flickr Creative Commons photo by Larry Hoffman


liver and onions
being in the spotlight
committee meetings
folding laundry

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

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Kay has a limerick-y aversion to greens!

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Today's word is LOLLYGAG.


  1. Funny how that list of aversions is almost a (admittedly one-sided) self-portrait! I know so much about you now that I didn't, never having been to a seafood restaurant with you. ; ) I like the shape of it, too, and I'm very impressed again by your success in cross-poLLinating with Jone.

    Here's my aversion poem:

    The Kindergarten Writer's Code

    I want to Write it Once,
    Why would I need
    Teacher calls it
    Deep Frustration.
    To me it is
    a Policy I call
    Aversion to Revision.

    1. Heh. Don't tell them that they likely won't grow out of this!

    2. Love the capital letters Heidi! I can hear the cadence of kindergarten talk in the poem, though with a bigger vocabulary!

  2. Love the list of aversions, and like Heidi, I liked the shape of your poem. I share so many of those aversions, too, except, I guess the oysters, though there are so few of them here in Iowa that I sometimes forget whether I like them or not. :)

    I could not make my aversion poem (in this case, my first time skinning a rabbit) well, palatable for your comment section, so I think I won't share it here. Maybe that is "performance art" on the theme of aversion?

  3. When my family goes to the beach, both my son & daughter love the easy availability of oysters & mussels-don't know where they found this love-not from me. Love your list, Mary Lee. Thank goodness my mother never liked liver & onions either!


    heavy sweater
    below zero weather
    snow in the forecast
    flakes coming fast
    bundled now, wrapped up tight
    leaving, ready, for the fight
    to go to work, but still wait till
    the last of minutes, then I will
    lean and scrape the ice and snow
    I have to go
    I have to go
    but wish there was no winter show
    Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved

    1. The crazy thing is, I just recently learned that my mom didn't like liver and onions either, but she FAKED IT because she believed liver was healthy. I would never have that much devotion to my family's health! I would just serve more vegetables and call it good!

    2. I have had others tell me this, too. Somehow the word must have been out about liver-ugh. My mother didn't like much meat at all, so I feel lucky!

    3. I hope the snow leaves for you Linda.

    4. Jone, really, the weather has been great lately, but now they're saying we might have snow again Thursday-hard to believe! Thanks!

  4. You have some things on that list that that I avoid. That oyster about gags me. I grew up on liver and onions. Not anymore.