Friday, April 12, 2019

Playing With Poetry...With Second Graders!

The second grade team at my school has invited me to visit their classes as the "Visiting Poet" for their Poetry Month poetry writing unit. So. Much. Fun!

Yesterday, after I elaborated on what a poet actually does (lots of reading, lots of rewriting) and where I get my ideas (everywhere), we wrote a 15 Words Or Less poem together.

Our prompt was a picture of tire tracks in snow.

Our first draft was too long, so I shared my sneaky trick of using one of the lines as the title to reduce the word count. 

We wound up with this:

Today Might Be a Snow Day

The cars
make diagonal tracks
in the sparkly snow
dusk to dawn.

©2nd Grade, 2019

It seemed ludicrous to be writing about a snow day when the temperatures here in Ohio hit the 80s today for the first time this season, but I know our friends in Denver and the upper midwest are dealing with Winter Storm Wesley, which will likely downgrade to lots of rain for us in the coming days.


  1. Second-graders!!! What a cool idea to invite YOU to be the visiting poet (also, duh). I love your (plural) little poem. I have the feeling that you and I were discussing alliteration at exactly the same moment yesterday...

  2. The big storm missed us (mostly), but dropped nearly 20 inches of snow farther north. Ugh. The parking lot was filled with those kinds of tracks after school.

  3. Those kids are SO cute - I love that you're their Visiting Poet at your same school. I love that they know you're a poet, and understand that all a poet has to do is... write poems.