Sunday, April 10, 2022



Courage is hard work. As an individual, I waver. As a species, we are wavering. The earth will move on with or without us, but my greatest hope is that humankind will have more courage than cowardice to do what’s best for our planet.

The quote in this poem's striking line can be found on p. 30 in ALL WE CAN SAVE.


  1. Wishing won't make it so, sadly. Your words "happy accident" make me cringe because that feels like what people hope! You've given us good questions, Mary Lee!

  2. THIS title does a lot of work, ML. You do these so well. I have never tried one. Yours are really natural, and the many ORs in this make a reader think. I am sometimes afraid to think about it, and your poems and Heidi's poems matter to my thinking. Thank you. xo