Saturday, April 9, 2022




mover of air
through the atmosphere,
flung by earth’s rotation
and sun’s uneven heating.
Pollinator, turbine turner;
hawk lifter, energy provider;
bringer of rain, hope for our green future.

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

I have a complicated relationship with wind, having come from a father who grew up during the Dust Bowl in the arid high plains of Eastern Colorado and having myself lived with its nearly constant presence and the very real consequences of dust storms and drought. But it gives me great hope to see a new "crop" for a part of the country that may eventually have to transition away from agriculture as the current drought worsens and the water table dries up: wind energy. 

Tucked at the bottom of a recent post on Reasons to Be Cheerful (thank you, "Cousin" Tanita) was this: 
"The world has passed another mile marker on the road to sustainability: according to a new analysis, clean power provided the planet more electricity than coal in 2021."


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