Sunday, April 14, 2019

Playing With Poetry -- With FIRST Graders!

I Went to the Mexican Store

I saw
rainbow vegetables.
the best part was
a pepper
reading a book!

©1st Grade, 2019

Holy Moly! First graders at the end of the day on Friday still have SO much energy and SO much creativity! Hats off to all the first grade teachers in the world! 

We were writing a 15 Words or Less poem and we had WAY too many words. One little girl took out four boring words ("green, purple, and striped") and replaced them with one juicy one -- "rainbow." Brilliant! You have to look closely at the top right corner of the picture to see the pepper reading a book. It's a green pepper in the corner of a cardboard box, but when you see it through first grade eyes, it sure is a pepper reading a book!


  1. Hey, I recognize that photo!! Hats off to the versatile poetry teacher reading a book!

  2. So. Much. Energy.

    This looks like fun!

  3. I LOVE that they imagined a pepper with its face that far into a book. They're hilarious!! And what a smart wee thing - as I revise, I shall take her 'boring words deleted' idea to heart!